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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chile and what I do...

So I have decided to move from Argentina and their Tango and talk about Chile’s rock. The most popular band (and by far) it’s called “La Ley” (The Law).

The recommendation from them is “El Duelo” (The Duel). In that song they claim that “Whithout pain you can’t be happy”. I don’t know if I agree or not but, hey it’s not my song.

Frankly, I never liked this band much. But I went to one of their concerts. It was in a fancy bar in Mexico City. Even though I didn’t like their songs, I realized how great their singer and drummer were. The singer has an amazing voice.

Anyway, the duel is a cool song, especially the unplugged version, in which one pretty lady sings with him: the overrated singer Ely Guerra. The combination works.

In other things, a little bit of what I do. I’m an economist specialized in development, or in why some countries are poor and some are rich. Also in how can we help poor countries do better. I’m in my last years of my doctoral education and work as a stupid research assistant (man I’ve been damn research assistant forever). I also teach a class in the university in which I study. Finally, I’m having stupid doubts if I should change my occupation…

Let’s enjoy Wednesday together!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Argentina and the peppers, and the contest

I’ve realized that it’s much more difficult to talk about Argentina’s music than I thought. There is just too much good stuff. As I want to move up the continent I’ll make a quick listing (keep in mind that I make this review fro a perspective of a guy that used to live in Mexico, and hence only received a fraction of Argentina’s music):

-Miguel Mateos: “Bailo con mi sombra” (Dancing with my shadow). Covered by Ricky Martin’s Menudo in the 80’s.

-Miguel Mateos: “Atado a un sentimiento” (tied to a feelling). This song made me dance in 1983 even though I was jus a Kid.

-Miguel Mateos: “Es tan facil romper un corazon” (it’s so easy to break a heart). Ditto. This song, even nowadays when I am broken hearted and drunken I like to hear. This song also gave me an idea for a book: 101 ways to break a heart. It will be a cruel but funny book (at least I think so). Example: Engage to get married…the day of the wedding do not show up (go to Hawaii instead). You see, it’s so easy to break a heart.

-Illya Kuriaky and the Valderramas: “Abarajame la banera”. In trying to define how this band sounds, I think in Beck…

-Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: “Vasos Vacios” (empty glasses). Great song with salsa master Celia Cruz. The song is about old lovers that meet again. She is single. He is not. She tries to convince him to have n fair again…they agree in that there will always be empty glasses with the water of the city. Their water will always be river water mixed with oceans’. I find that cool.

Now stop…

In other things, I heard yesterday the song “Dosed” by the Red-hot chilly peppers. It’s damn great. The guitar solo (I always pay special attention to them) sounds like if could be played by a 5 year old kid. That makes it great.

Yesterday I watched the ending of the Miss universe contest. I seemed lik Miss American Continent…

Have a nice Monday evening!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

On the topic of women...

I used to discuss and think about the topic a lot. Not anymore. These days I believe that the discussion is non-sense. Anyway I want to share some of those previous thoughts on the matter:

With the illustration movement in France, it was decided that the scientific method would be the base of human progress. Aristotle’s logic would be the norm in western way of thinking. Rationalism was born. Logic thinking lets out contradictions and opposites. That is, something is or isn’t, something is “A” or is “no A”. Eastern though is more open to the idea of duality: some things can be and cannot be at the same time.

Where is all this bullshit leading? My point is that under western way of thinking it is very difficult to understand women as they are the:

coexistence of opposites in the world of no contradiction
In other words, they can be great and terrible at the same time and in the same topic. That’s why it’s hard to understand them. Something like that…maybe it’s jut my baloney.

In other things, today’s song is “Llamame si me necesitas”. We’re still in Argentina and the singer/composer is Miguel Mateos. Great 80's rock song. The introduction has some amazing keyboard playing. It was a prediction of the future that never came to be true: keyboards would dominate rock outside the 80's. Menudo, the world’s first “boy band” (where the disgrace called Ricky Martin started) sang a cover of one of his greatest songs (it’s really a shame). We’ll talk about this tomorrow….

Enjoy Sunday!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

White hair and Argentina Pt.2

So yesterday I talked about "Musica Ligera" or "Light Music". Argentina has so many great musicians that I think I will only list songs and not descriptions of them.

Continuing with the great “Soda Estereo” here are two more songs:
-Persiana Americana (American Blinds). It is a song about a guy that spies a woman in the next building through her blinds.
-Nada Personal (Nothing Personal). The song is about relations without feelings. It has one of the mot memorable “intros” I have ever heard.

In other things, today in the morning I decided I would not shave. After my shower I looked in the mirror and I found out that I have 2 gray hairs in my moustache!!!! Damn it!! Depressed…some cake could make me feel better though…

Have a great memorial weekend!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Latin American Rock Pt.1 "Light Music" Soda Estereo Trippin'

I will review what I consider to be the best and most influential rock music in Latin America. For all those interested in music, I recommend to listen to the songs I will discuss.

I will start from south and go north. I’ll start with Argentina. Rock and Argentina bring to mind almost immediately the band “Soda Estereo”. Its front man singer/guitarist is really a genius: Gustavo Ceratti.

The song I recommend to listen in called “Musica Ligera” or “light music”. It’s an old song that in my opinion has aged very well.

It’s about a man talking about his old love. He says:

“That old love…
is like “light music”…
nothing can make us free from it…
nothing remains from it…”

Great image isn’t it? We can’t get free from light music (it just gets in our brain!), but at the end nothing remains. Sometimes love is like that. Don’t you think?

Furthermore, the song has a simple but very powerful guitar solo. In my opinion it’s a delicious song.

More great songs are coming…

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The inevitable post…

So I did it, I went to see Star Wars and like zillions of bloggers I will comment on it. I enjoyed it a lot, and I believe that it is a beautiful looking movie. It’s not a great movie but a really fun movie that reminded me of my childhood of 20 years ago (a rain of memories, like watching the movies being a kid in the cinema with my father).

I want to focus on what I consider to be one of the most interesting aspects of the film: how the visually most technically advanced film so far, develops beautifully into the visual conception of the future and “technology” of a film from 30 years ago. What is all this blah, blah, blah? Everybody knows the ending of the film (Darth Vader and yada yada…) so I will not reveal anything. Near the ending of the film, Darth Vader and the Emperor stand watching into a window. The “computers” behind them are those boxes with flashing bulbs that in old tv/movies were presented to us as computers! This travel through the most advanced special effects to finish in a room full of boxes with “flashing bulbs” I find great and nostalgic. A worth experience.

In my next blog I will (at least try to) define/descript what a woman is…

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Pink Runner"

So yesterday were two movies: Blade Runner and Pink Flamingos. The former I had seen before and decided to see it again to see it with new eyes. As in most old science fiction movies, it is believed that in the century 21 cars will fly and we will have robots. I guess they would be little disappointed to find out that America’s main choice of transportation is the SUV, and the most popular robot is a vacuum cleaner one. I had a Chilean philosophy professor who really liked the movie and the main actress. I understand him now…

I had heard a lot of Pink Flamingos’ director: John Waters, but I actually never saw anything (yes, I’m a beginner, and I don’t expect to pretend I’m not). It’s a very provocative, silly and good movie at the same time. My guess is that the director have had a lot of influence on smart/silly current animations like sponge bob square pants. A The movie is a celebration of absurd, freakiness, freedom and filthiness that should be seen by anybody who likes pop culture and likes to criticize it. Or so I think…

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the message Kimberly.